” If there’s a place to go to reconnect to who you really are, it’s the Pods at Wootton Park in Warwickshire. As I sit here in one of their gorgeous treetop pod houses, surrounded by the songs of nature, I really drop back into the peace and serenity that is my natural state. I awoke this morning to the sun gleaming through the window and the sounds of a cockerel and, as I’m typing this, there’s a beautiful bird singing me a song just a few metres away in the trees surrounding my little pod.  Beyond that, there are rolling hills, and I’m surrounded by every shade of green you can possibly imagine, as the gentle breeze waves the leaves around in the trees, causing soft shadows to appear on my balcony.  The fresh, clean scent of outside is permanently with me. It really is bliss! Last night I was in my hot tub outside my pod, sitting in the warm bubbly water whilst the rain was dropping softly on my hair, and I felt such serenity…. ”

Thank you to Nicole Barton for her guest blog with insight into how getting back to nature is good for our wellbeing: Read more from Nicole

And watch this space for news on Wellbeing Retreats at Wootton Park Pods soon!


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