Here at Wootton Park, we do enjoy keeping busy and taking on new challenges including looking after lots of bees and making our own yummy honey!

Bee_Keeping_Wootton_Park_PodsHaving previously never entertained the idea of beekeeping, it’s been a very exciting and fast-paced learning curve. Luckily, we are having lots of fun in the process.

The protective suits have taken a little getting used to but we are thrilled with the honey our new friends have been able to produce.

As well as learning the do’s and don’ts of beekeeping, we’ve been learning lots of fascinating facts about our furry friends.


Here are 5 fascinating facts about bees…

  1. There can be up to 50,000 bees in a hive.
  2. The honey bee is the THIRD most important domestic animal after cattle and pigs and ranks ahead of poultry.Wootton Park Honey made from our resident honey bees
  3.  A THIRD of what we eat is thanks to the honey bee due to pollination.
  4. The character of a colony of bees comes from the QUEEN – change the queen and the colony will change.
  5. A bee will visit 2 MILLION flowers and fly 60,000 miles to produce one pound of honey.
Honey will definitely be on our breakfast menu for our wedding and retreat guests and who knows, we might even start selling jars of honey to our lovely Wootton Park Pods guests!
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